shown below are just some of OUR project examples of what we'll be painting over the next months
for January - May.  Additional paintings are always added, from resident artists, to our calender.  You can always suggest ideas for your for your painting party group.

PAINTING SIZES  are 8"x10"/11"x14" (1 & 2-Hour Classes) | 14"x18"/16"x20" (3-Hour Class)

- Markos Egure an active current mural and community mural artist, for the last 20 years.  Markos has produced over 185 public creative painting and mural productions
throughout the Sacramento Valley Region.  Many high profile creative projects are located at various public/private schools, including over 44 productions with The Sacramento Kings & Sacramento Monarchs (Maloof Sports and Entertainment).

Today, Markos is moving some of his creative process, stories and talents from painting murals to canvases BUT this time, YOU get to paint them.  Markos has been teaching creative workshops since 1998, working with youth and adults.  Producing mural workshops as 1-day extreme teams to a scheduled 6 week course.  We're lucky, our class is only 3-hours.  To see more about Markos and Wes Kos Images you may review his web site