A professional mural company established in 1997.  WKI has produced over 180 Murals and Creative Paintings throughout Sacramento region and beyond, extending statewide.  As a design resource for Maloof Sports and Entertainment, WKI produced over 44 works with the Sacramento Kings, Monarchs and Sacramento Kings Staff from 2004-2011.  The 1st 2004 production is still seen at the ever changing arena name in the Skyline Restaurant.

Is a division of Wes Kos Images and takes identity form when working with various Planning and Engineering firms.  The combination of an artistic approach to an engineered plan for land development renderings and graphics. (website is under development)

Is a self expression artist producing art under an labeled identity of two American cultures.  It's an almost anything goes and mostly a message to review, agree or at least discuss when you see the paintings that have been shown.

Is a self expression portrait artist with movement into the mural world of using acrylics.  Exciting works are to come with the use of the new painting "quick drying" products.  (website is under development)